29 October, 2014


It's not that long back when nation hummed Adnan's number 'kabhi toh nazar milao' and sang lift kara de  and now after much waiting Adnan is back with his very melodious and refreshing voice for the current heartthrob of the nation Ranveer Singh for Yashraj's latest flick kill Dill .

The trio of Adnan-Gulzar-Shaad is back after more than a decade for the quirky number Sweeta. When asked Adnan said, "It's been an honor to work with Gulzar ji, my association with him is very old and so is with Shaad whose a dear friend. I am quite sure the love and acceptance what we got a decade back for our song "udi udi" from the movie Saathiya back in 2002, Sweeta would get much more this time as good music is easily recognized by one and all. 

He also added 'Sweeta is one number that's very close to my heart and is in my system. I kept singing it even after recording and would carry it back home everyday.

I am more than happy that this song has become such a hit in no time. I hope to see it on number one position on the music charts and recreate the magic once again and hear the nation crooning Sweetaaaaaaaa tujhsa nahi koi meetha!

21 October, 2014

Aakankshaa Nimonkar's Short film "Main Tamanna" nominated at Australia's film fest

Short film "Main Tamanna" nominated at IFEFA

Award winning short film Main Tamanna has been nominated in the Short Film Category at International Film & Entertainment Festival Australia. Celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Zarine Khan, Neha Sharma, Aftab Shivdasani, Asha Sachdev, Prakash Raj, Esha Gupta and Vipin Sharma will walk the red carpet in Sydney. The week-long event will be held between 7th November to 16th November, 2014.


Actor, writer and producer Aakankshaa Nimonkar’s production house Art & Soul Entertainment sends out a strong message about child sexual abuse.  The film has already received over 3 lakh views on YouTube, 25 lakh views on Matine Masala and has been awarded by the Bangalore Film Festival and TOIFA. It has been screened at Film Festivals in India and abroad, winning applauds all over because of its honesty towards the subject.


Aakankshaa Nimonkar Quoted  "Main Tamanna is a story with which I am  deeply attached. It's a true story of a girl struggling, suffering both mentally and physically.. When I personally encountered the real story of the girl .. I got angry n used all the possible creativity n vision to make this film happen.. Today each applaud gives me a feeling of doing my bit to fight against child abuse . I want every girl to watch it n acquire strength to fight against all odds happening in the society."

About Aakanshaa Nimonkar 
Every woman can become an inspiration for other women. And that is what Aakanksha set out to do, by telling real stories of a woman's strength. Her stories are inspired from societal issues and the films her production house Art & Soul Entertainment makes, become her mouthpiece to send across a message. Her critically acclaimed short film ‘Main Tamanna’ that went on to make a strong statement about child abuse is one such film. The idea for the film came about after Aakansha interacted with a woman who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. And this woman, unlike a thousand others, raised a voice against it. Aakanksha wanted to bring her inspiring story to every woman. Child abuse is a crime that conveniently goes unreported and more often than not, the perpetrators are family members. Main Tamanna brought this issue at the forefront. The film has already received over 3 lakh views on YouTube and has been awarded by the Bangalore Film Festival. It has been screened at Film Festivals in India and abroad, winning applauds all over because of its honesty towards the subject. But Aakanksha believes that this is just the beginning of her journey. She’s taking ahead her task of inspiring women with her next project ‘Aalav – Beautiful Darkness’, written and directed by her. This film too has been inspired from a true story about a woman and her fight with a bad relationship.

Mein Tamanna Promo 

Minissha Lamba: I am not crafty, but a subtle player

Bollywood actress and now a Big Boss contestant in season 8, Minissha Lamba is one contestant who has always played the game in a much dignified manner.

Minissha who was very subtle in the earlier episodes on the show is very vocal and opinionated when she needs to be. She is one contestant who always puts her foot down when required and lets things pass by when needed. 

That is exactly what happened in Big Boss earlier this week when Arya on national television apologized to her after the heated episode they had last week with Salman on he making a statement that they were in a relationship before the show. 

Minissha just nodded and accepted his apology rather than making a big noise and any kind of drama. She has proven that she believes in bygones be bygones.

18 October, 2014

Mumbai – 125 KM – Hindi movie review

No speed Breakers in this Trip

Genre: Horror   Recommended: Parental Guidance   Released: 17 October 2014 
Starring: Rajeiv Anand, Veena Malik, Karanvir Bohra, Vedita Pratap Singh, Joe Debroy
Directed by: Hemant Madhukar 

When we talk about Long journeys, what comes to our mind – Romance, Adventure, Scary, Excitement, Isn’t it ? Well that is what the forthcoming movie Mumbai 125 Kms about – Journey. Now lets see weather it proves to be Romantic Adventures movie or will it as usual a Boring Trip.
Mumbai 125 Kms is a story of five friends who as usual plan to go to Mumbai on 31st Dec Night to celebrate their New year (12 AM) in Mumbai by a local road where there’s less traffic, But destiny has planned something else for them. Enroute they witness a Ghost named Poonam (Veena Malik) who was travelling with her Husband (Rajeiv Anand) seven years ago with her small child and was killed in a accident. Henceforth , poonam kills everyone who comes on that road except Ashika is being left because of her pregnancy .
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Aranav Kumar: New Handsome hunk in B Town

Aranav Kumar is a martial art practitioner trying his fate in Bollywood. Not only a good actor, he is also trained in martial arts. His love to this art led him to know more about this art and the road led him to the Shaolin School in Shandong Province in China.
At the age of 14, Aranav discovered this particular talent within. Like most of the teens, he was a puny guy most often being a victim to the bullying and mostly got beaten by his colleagues as was too weak and incapable of facing those situations, but once the boy found his inner instinct he not only started training on his own he now started throwing punches on wall and tried all the variations of kicking.
This young lad had the opportunity to get a bit of training from his school teachers of martial arts, but he could not learn much as he had to get busy with his studies and regular life.
Again at the age of 16 he decided to go to Pune and take this seriously, so in 2004 he left for pune to pursue martial arts but also he was keen to become an actor.
This newly developed hobby did not stop here after watching a series of Fight Quest documentary on Discovery Channel he got to know that foreigners can go to China and learn Shaolin martial art. He immediately packed his bags and left for China to the learn martial arts in Shaolin Temple as he always been fond of Monks.
Aranav is a big fan of Jacky Chan, Jet Lee and Donnie Yen.
When he arrived at Shaolin school he realize that life over there will not be easy..,
The 1st week training was so hard that he couldn’t walk properly and his master use to beat him which made him upset.. training was so hard that he use to get upset he use to sit on mountain and think whether his decision of coming to China was right?-
He persisted and stayed there for four months and then he took a decision that its enough now and that he ought to go back to India as he couldn’t take more pain.
When he returned then he realize what he is missing in life, He began missing his training, his master’s shouting and the beating. He demonstrated what he learned in China during his 4 months and his friend use to be impressed. For the first time in his life people clapped on his performance, he realized that his master use to beat him for good .. and since he was not good in studies or anything but this is the first time that people were appreciating his talent. He then realized that this is what he was born to do… and then he started missing China and so one day he decided that he will go back to China and train no matter how hard the training will be he will train.
This time he was determined to pursue further, and left for china and stayed there for 3 years, during this period he participated in competitions and and then won gold medal, after which the school awarded him scholarship for his outstanding performance.
Day by day he was getting better… Having trained in a Shaolin form, 2 Shaolin weapons, 3 Shaolin animal forms, 4 Sanda techniques (Chinese kick boxing), 5 Tai qi and 6 Qin na.
In one competition he broke his nose and got knocked out, he was still training and his nose got worse he couldn’t breath properly from his nose he use to breath from his mouth when his master ordered him to go back to India and see a good doctor but this time, he didn’t want to come back as he didn’t want to miss his training.
Unfortunately, one day it got very serious and he had to come back to India and had to go through an operation in Delhi, since then he is in India and misses China…
Yet, he hasn’t given up with his training and trains everyday, Now its  a part of his daily life!
Aranav has now come to Mumbai and enrolled in acting school  (Vidhurs Kreating character acting school) and aims to do action movie where he can showcase his Shaolin martial art.
When he sees a Bollywood villain getting beaten by hero he feels bad, as in real life its not that easy to beat a villain but coz in India the villain sare not depicted in a fighthting fit physique, and wants to change that… He wants to give a tough competition to the hero.
Aranav is a newcomer in filmy town, he is professionally groomed in acting by Vidhur’s Kreating Character Acting School Mumbai. With his learning in Martial arts in China Shaolin temple for 4 years and having Won  gold medals in various Martial arts competition, this lad is to be watched out for giving the hero a tough time.
Personal Details – Aranav Kumar:
Height 5.11
Age       26
Weight 70
Waist    32
Eyes colour: Brown
- See more at: http://www.filmytown.com/aranav-kumar-new-handsome-hunk-b-town/

12 October, 2014


Mumbai, October 2014:The 16th edition of the Mumbai film festival organized by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) will have a sparkling touch this year. The renowned jewellery designer and adornologist Varuna D Jani has graciously volunteered to design and craft the 15 coveted award trophies for the festival, to be held from 14-21 October 2014 at PVR Cinemas in Andheri, Cinemax,Versova and Chandan Cinemas in Juhu. 

MAMI trophies are sought-after awards and are treasured for a lifetime as they depict the artist’s contribution to Indian cinema. Inspired by this Varuna has created exquisite trophies distinguished by her craftsmanship which is unique and contemporary. This is the first time that a jewellery designer has designed the award for the festival.

The trophy resonates the inherent attributes of the festival and its symbolic mascot the phoenix. The Mumbai Film festival has gained a position over the years is at the pinnacle of recognition, status and popularity, and this year’s trophy represents that in its design and intent.  The trophy plaque is crystal with a gold and silver plated Phoenix (the emblem of MAMI) which is an enduring allegorical symbol, symbolizing rebirth, renewal or uniqueness. At the threshold of the trophy is the designer’s logo with two real diamond drops placed on the tips of the V wing on each side completing the symmetry of the design.

Says,ace jewellery designer and adornologist, Varuna D Jani “It is an honour and a privilege to have received this opportunity to design this prestigious trophy for MAMI. I was very excited and inspired to create and design the trophy. I hope I have imbibed in it the pride and the prestige that is associated with this magnificent festival.”

Mr Srinivassan Narayan, Festival Director, Mumbai Film Festival said, “We thank Varuna D Jani for her support towards the Mumbai Film festival. That a designer of her calibre has agreed to design our award trophies is a matter of pride for us. The final trophy is spectacular as is the design input put in by her. This year’s award recipients will be the envy of many as they will get to take the coveted trophy home.”

The trophy exudes a royal charm with crystal base and gold and silver plating. Equal emphasis has been given to the back and front of the trophy making it a piece of art. With fine engravings of letter, this year’s MAMI Trophy is going to be a sought after reward not just because of the repute and the prestige of the festival but also as a thing of beauty that the award winners would be proud to receive. After all the inspiration behind the design was that these awards (the MAMI trophy) deserve to be earned not owned. 

11 October, 2014




(Mumbai) – 
AC/DC’s recently announced album ‘Rock or Bust’ is available today for pre-order via ACDC.com and all digital retail outlets. “Play Ball” is the first track offered as instant gratification to those who pre-order ‘Rock or Bust’ ahead of its official December 2nd release.  “Play Ball” will also premiere on iHeart Media’s Mainstream, Active and Classic Rock radio formats starting today with multiple spins throughout the day.  “Play Ball” is currently being featured as part of Turner Sports’ 2014 Major League Baseball Postseason campaign.

AC/DC are also giving fans a sneak peek today at the full track listing (see below) and cover art for ‘Rock or Bust.’  ‘Rock or Bust’ features a non-traditional and inventive three-dimensional lenticular cover, which gives the illusion of the band’s iconic logo exploding as the packaging is moved in different directions.  This unique 3-D cover art can be seen on the band’s site and will be available in both the CD and vinyl versions of the album.  ‘Rock or Bust’ was recorded in Spring 2014 in Vancouver, BC with producer Brendan O’Brien and mixed by Mike Fraser.  ‘Rock or Bust’ is the band’s first album of new material in six years, following their immensely successful ‘Black Ice,’ which entered charts at #1 in 31 countries and has sold nearly 8 million copies worldwide.

‘Rock or Bust’ Track list is as follows:
1.       Rock or Bust
2.       Play Ball
3.       Rock The Blues Away
4.       Miss Adventure
5.       Dogs of War
6.       Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
7.       Hard Times
8.       Baptism By Fire
9.       Rock the House
10.   Sweet Candy
11.   Emission Control

2nd Music Composer's Lab at 16th Mumbai Film Festival

The Mumbai Composers Lab was started by UK based composer and producer Andrew T. Mackay as part of the Mumbai Film Festival in 2013 – the 100th Year of Indian Cinema. The Lab is presented by Bohemia Junction Limited &Abbey Road Studios in association with PRS for Music, UK supported by BMI with further support from Whistling Woods.

Last year’s Lab focused on six young up and coming Indian composers and were mentored by a creative team from both the UK and India led by leading UK based composer Ilan Eshkeri.
This year the Lab is doing things slightly differently with a series of seminars covering all the different sides of film music entitled: Film Music: The Creative and the Business. The seminars are aimed at music composers, engineers, producers and directors as well as delegates and filmmakers from the film festival.

A host of international and Indian experts in their field will lead panels moderated by Lab Director Andrew T. Mackay on 17th October held at Whistling Woods’ The Andheri Base. (Housed in the Hard Rock Café building, Fun Republic Lane, Andheri (w)

- See more filmy and Bollywood news and pictures at: http://www.filmytown.com/  

On the 18thOctober between 1-2pm in Screen 1 at Cinemax, Infinti Mall, Versova, Andheri (w) a further presentation and discussion will take place with Frenchman Laurent Koppitz from FAMES Project Macedonia.  This will lead on from Friday’s panel and will look at how Hollywood and Bollywood are heading to Skopje to record. How is this happening? What are the repercussions in the US and India and what are the benefits? This will be an enthralling event followed by a Q & A Session.  Several composers who have used the orchestra will also join us on stage.
Schedule for Friday 17th October 2014

10.30-11.30 am Recording with an Orchestra; a one to one with Laurent Koppitz head of FAME’S Project. The new ‘go to’ home for film score orchestral recording in Skopje, Macedonia. Bollywood scores such as Dhoom 3 have been recorded there as well as many award-winning Hollywood & European film scores. This is a great opportunity for music directors and film company heads to see what opportunities there are to add another dimension to their film songs and film scores. 12.00-1.00pm –The Sound Engineer: A conversation with a panel of leading Sound Engineers working in the film industry in Mumbai. The panel will feature Yash Raj engineer Vijay Dayal who is one of the top engineers in the country responsible for some of the biggest hit songs and scores coming out of the film industry in India. A must for sound engineers and anyone with an interest in the recording studio, the process, the importance and the journey of the Sound Engineer. 1.30- 2.30pm – The Composer: Who is he or she and what do they really do? A chat with some of Indian cinemas established and upcoming composers. A panel of five special guests including Marathi composers Kaushal S Inamdar and Mumbai based composer John Stewart.

 3.00 – 4.00pm Where are they now? A round table chat with 2013′s lab participants Anjo John, Alokonanda Dasgupta, Achint Thakkar, Anchal Talesara, Ujjwal Agrawal. Did they really learn anything and where are they now in their careers? Five out of six return to tell us their tales. 4.30 – 5.30pm Copyright, Publishing & Collection! How it works and what it means to composers & songwriters.  Liam Donnelly, Head of International for PRS for Music, UK and leading music industry veteran Atul Churamanidiscuss the ins and outs of the often confusing subject.
The Mumbai Composers Lab is presented by Bohemia Junction Limited and Abbey Road Studios in association with PRS for Music, UK and is supported by BMI and FAMES Project with further support from Whistling Woods.

Cover girl Esha Gupta unveiled The Fifth Edition of The Hindu Bridal Mantra Magazine

The Fifth Edition of The Hindu Bridal Mantra Magazine was unveiled by Bollywood Actress Esha Gupta on 9th October at the Crossword Bookstore.

This edition of the magazine covers various sections based on Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity interviews, Food & Frills and much more. While top couturiers and jewellery designers discuss the influence of colour on their creations and the looks that will work this season, leading stylists spell out major trends in bridal hair and make-up.

Another interesting section to look out for is Spotlight. It is a six-look visual narrative with models capturing the essence of “Vintage Drama” donning clothes and jewellery by leading designers. The section on Planning covers off-beat venues, services offered by wedding planners and DIY tips on interiors. Food & Frills features articles on trends in the cocktail party circuit, recipes, off-beat honeymoon destinations and Instagram wedding albums. 

Bollywood Actress Esha Gupta who will soon be seen in an international project, graces the cover, and plays a modern bride with confidence. Unveiling the October-December Issue, Actress Esha Gupta said “The Hindu Bridal Mantra Magazine is a must have magazine for all Indian brides as it guides perfectly on every aspect of marriage. It features the latest trends in fashion, interesting to-do tips, and honeymoon destinations, make up tips etc. It was a pleasure working with the team.”

Kritika Reddy, Editor of the magazineWe are glad that Actress Esha Gupta is on the cover page of The Hindu Bridal Mantra, October-December Issue. The magazine focuses on trousseau trends, bridal make-overs, wedding dos and don’ts, honeymoon hotspots and a range of other topics. This volume has over three dozen aesthetically laid out articles with check-lists and to-do tips that not only inform, but also inspire you with ideas to plan unique weddings. Going beyond shopping for trousseau and planning for the multi-tiered celebrations, you will even find features on handling pre-wedding stress and coping strategies for new couples.”

Enclosed is the press release and images for your reference. Request you to let us know incase you require any more information.





NEW YORK, NY (October 8, 2014) – Continuing a scorching hot streak, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS breaks another record with the 2014 smash "Bailando"—available on his tenth full-length album SEX AND LOVE [Republic Records]. The platinum-certified anthem has ascended to #1 on Billboard's Dance Club Song Chart, earning the Grammy Award-winning global icon his 13th number one and even besting his own record, previously 12th. To date, he has scored more number ones on the chart than any other male artist in history—including Michael Jackson and Prince. Online, it has accumulated over half a billion views.

The success of "Bailando" stands truly unparalleled. It became the first non-English single to land in the Top 10 at Top 40 radio since Los del Rio's "Macarena" in 1996. Moreover, it enjoys the longest run at #1 for any artist in 2014, holding the top spot on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs Chart for 22 weeks and marking his 25th No. 1 on that chart. Among other accolades, it's the highest-charting Spanish single in the United States ever. Internationally, it captured #1 on iTunes in over 50 countries, including a 22-week stint in Spain and a 13-week stint in Mexico.

Right now, ENRIQUE is lighting up arenas across the country on his co-headline tour with Pitbull and J Balvin. The jaunt continues heating up the fall through its close on December 13 at the Crocus Hall in Moscow, RU.

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS remains one of the globe’s most recognizable and revered superstars. This Grammy Award-winning icon recently released his tenth full-length album, SEX AND LOVE. To date, he has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, cementing him as one of the best-selling Spanish artists of all-time. Other accolades include five Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, with two number ones, and 13 number ones on the Billboard Dance chart—which is “the most for any male artist in the chart’s history” and more than Michael Jackson and Prince. His total number ones throughout Billboard’s charts exceed 71, and he also is the record-holder for “Most #1 Spanish Language Single” on the Hot Latin Track Charts.

Tour Dates:
10/10   Los Angeles, CA         Staples Center
10/11   Los Angeles, CA         Staples Center
10/12   Las Vegas, NV            Mandalay Bay Events Center
10/14   San Jose, CA              SAP Center at San Jose
10/15   San Diego, CA            Valle View Casino Center
10/17   Dallas, TX                   American Airlines Center
10/18   San Antonio, TX          Alamodome
10/19   Houston, TX                Toyota Center
10/22   Atlanta, GA                 The Arena at Gwinnett Center
10/25   Hollywood, FL             Hard Rock Live
10/26   Miami, FL                    American Airlines Arena
10/28   Orlando, FL                 Amway Center
11/13   Barcelona, ES             Palau Sant Jordi
11/15   Madrid, ES                  Palacio de los Deportes
11/18   Amsterdam, NL          Ziggo Dome
11/20   Antwerp, BE                Antwerps Sportpaleis
11/21   Paris, FR                     Palais Omnisport de Bercy
11/23   Dublin, IE                    The O2 Dublin
11/25   Glasgow, UK               SSE Hydro Arena Glasgow
11/27   Birmingham, UK         National Indoor Arena
11/28   London, UK                 The O2
11/29   Manchester, UK          Phones 4U Arena
12/02   Kaunas, LT                  Kaunas Arena
12/04   St. Petersburg, RU     Ice Hall St. Petersburg
12/07   Riga, LV                      Riga Arena
12/08   Tallinn, EE                   Saku Suurhall
12/10   Helsinki, FI                  Hartwell Arena
12/13   Moscow, RU               Crocus Hall

A division of Universal Music Group, the world's leading music company, Republic is home to an all-star roster of multi-platinum, award-winning legends and superstar artists such as Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Black Sabbath, Colbie Caillat, Enrique Iglesias, Florence + the Machine, Godsmack, Gotye, James Blake, John Mellencamp, Of Monsters and Men, Owl City, Weezer, among many others.

It is comprised of innovative imprints and digital business ventures including American Recordings (The Avett Brothers), Brushfire (Jack Johnson, G. Love), Cash Money (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj), John Varvatos Records, Lava Records (Jessie J, Lorde), Monkeywrench (Pearl Jam), Casablanca Records (Tïesto, Martin Garrix), NBC's The Voice (Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery), XO (The Weeknd), among others. In addition, Republic maintains a long-standing strategic alliance with country powerhouse Big Machine Label Group which is comprised of Big Machine Records (Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw), Dot Records, and Republic Nashville (The Band Perry, Florida Georgia Line, The Eli Young Band).

Bollywood Classical Maestro Aadesh Shrivastava Takes Indian Music Worldwide

Indian Music is surely making waves worldwide but the pioneer in taking Indian Music to a global platform is none other than the multi-faceted music composer cum singer Aadesh Shrivastava.

Little do many know, the music maestro happens to be the first Indian to record as many as four tracks at the Abbey Road Studio,London and will be releasing it under the album Global Sounds of Peace.

Global Sounds of Peace music album has been released globally through the highly renowned world music label A Train Entertainment based out of California and it's the first album that witnesses the collaboration of all the big-wigs in one album. 

Aadesh's pet project Global Sounds of Peace boasts of celebrities including the likes of Akon, Amitabh Bachchan, Wyclef Jean, Raghu Dixit, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kavita Seth, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Roop Kumar Rathod, Kailash Kher ,Vijayta Pandit along with Aadesh's sons Avitesh and Anivesh Shrivastava.

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Jubilant at the achievement that no Indian has, music giant Aadesh Shrivastava says, “I'm glad I succeeded in accomplishing what nobody has managed to so far in India.” He further adds, “The four tracks that I recorded at the Abbey Road Studio,London are a fusion of Indian and Western Classical and it's surely going to make everyone sit back and notice the creation.”

The music maestro recalls his experience of recording with London Fil Harmony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studio, “It was an out worldly experience. I recorded live with 85 musicians at a place where Beetles used to record. I have big plans about Global Sounds of Peace and it will begin with launching my International Label along with the album called Raaga Music. The label will promote spiritual world music and bring Indian music to a global platform.”

Global Sounds of Peace is now available on iTunes!: https://itunes.apple.com/album/global-sounds-of-peace/id669267936

Raj Kumar Hirani turns choreographer for P.K.

Raj Kumar Hirani turns choreographer for Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma

For one of the songs in his awaited upcoming film, PK, Raj Kumar Hirani wanted a very different signature move.

The director was keen to have a non filmy choreographer for this particular song and they went on an extensive search to get someone unusual on board for this.

Artists from France, Bangalore and other places were auditioned but Raju was not satisfied with the groove of the signature move.

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Even people from the cast and crew were given a chance to try but to no solution.

Kiran Rao who was on set once also tried making a cool move but it did not fit the feel of the song.

Apart from that, even Anushka Sharma tried her hands at it.

Finally, it was Raj Kumar Hirani, who came up with a cool signature move for the song.

Bosco – Ceasar then came on board and choreographed the entire song in the same mood.

The song is a light mood song and the makers are very happy with the way it has turned out to look

"Advertising will always be my passion but it’s just music for me”: Arjuna Harjai

It is rare sight to see people follow their dreams; one such amongst the million is the multi -talented Arjuna Harjai

Arjuna Harjai an Indian film composer, Musician and singer, working in Bollywood. After working as a jingle composer, he debuted as a film scorer in the 2011 with Hindi film, and debuted as a composer with Priyanshu Chatterjee starer Calapor for which he composed four original songs and background score (2013), His soon to release film Titoo MBA.

Arjuna cemented his career in classical music at a very young age under the guidance of his parents mainly influenced by Ghazal style. At an early age of 11, he started learning piano and studied till the grade 8th of Trinity College, later he also studied jazz and counterpoint composition with various teachers.

Having done all songs in his first commercial film along with background of the film, exhibits nothing but sheer brilliance of the man who left no stone unturned to follow his dreams and be a self made man, what he is today.

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In 2006 he came to the land of dreams Mumbai to pursue his dream and studied Indian classical music from renowned singer Suresh Wadkar and also finished his audio engineering in 2008 from SAE Institute in Mumbai. Well known for composing and singing advertising jingles he had his platter full with brands such as Cadbury Bournville, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Lenovo, Big Bazaar, Samsung, Maruti, Sprite, MTNL, Lovely Professional University, Ayur, Manhunt, Hillman, Marvel Tea, Lovely Sweets among others under his kitty, Arjuna has also assisted popular music composer Lalit Pandit for over a year on projects like Besharam as well.

Summarizing his journey Arjuna says “Advertising will always be my passion as this is where I started from. When I was a part of advertising industry I have usually received praise for my art. But I knew my inclination and passion was always towards Music. Being a part of this wonderful Music Industry is an absolute delight and now for me it’s just music”.