29 June, 2016

Raman Raghav 2.0 movie review

Rating: 3.5 stars

Nawazuddin Siddiqui stands out in this dark Psychological Thriller with his brilliant portrayal of the psychotic killer of 1960s-70s.
It is generally said that evil exists in each individual on this earth with the percentage of wickedness varying from almost zero to maximum in rarest of the people.
This story is inspired by the notorious serial killer Raman Raghav (an individual) and a fictionalized version of the depiction of the gory, cold blooded murders he committed.
Ramanna uses a regular steel rod to reduce human faces to severed heads and broken skulls. He is shown as a rational human loitering around Mumbai’s underbelly – slums, where he is on the prowl for his next victim.
Such is the detail and simplicity of the character that in one particular scene, when he loosely holds the steel rod (with a bend) and while on his regular walks, he is shown losing his mind on a stray dog, which craftily escapes the psycho’s wrath.
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26 June, 2016

Shanti Dynamite looks smoking hot in her Dance Trance Music Video dedicated to Her Fans!

The sensuous and enchanting Shanti Dynamite has given sleepless nights to her fans & she has undergone a makeover to take Bollywood by storm as the Item Girl to watch out for!

She is presently in London and will be coming soon to India.

Meanwhile, she has dedicated her New Music Single Video Dance Trance to her Fans Worldwide!

Shanti has dared to challenge the conventional dance forms by adding her extra zing to this Hindi number shot in London in a dungeon as she appears caged & chained in this Music Video!

This half Punjabi and half Greek hottie is a desirable and voluptuous beauty who can magnetize anyone and though her real name is Sofia Vasileiadou the World knows her as Shanti Dynamite who has been voted as amongst the Asia’s Sexiest Women in the World!

Shanti has been every man’s desire and the envy of most women who wished that if only they could be as curvaceous and charming as the one and only Shanti Dynamite as she is ready to make your hearts skip a beat in this avatar!

Catch the Finale of PERMANENT ROOMMATES Season 2

The Most Viewed Web Series in the World 

Live Now Exclusive on TVF’s Online Destination – ​​TVFPLAY.COM
Saturday,June 25th,2016 – The much ​awaited season finale of TVF’s ‘Permanent Roommates’ Season 2 is finally ​here! Created in the iconic ​TVF model,Permanent Roommates struck an instant chord with audiences across the country and prominently in the Tier 2 cities. The success of Permanent Roommates, the country’s only web series that successfully ran for 2 seasons, with its 35 Million+ views, can be attributed to its progressive ideas, humor, it’s realistic, intelligent and great storyline and relatable characters in the protagonists, Mikesh and Tanya who have both contributed to this show being a story which everyone loves!​ 
What started as a modest sponsored video about two unusual lovers trying to find a place to rent in Mumbai, has now become the most watched web series in India and globally.​Tanya (Nidhi Singh) & Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) return for the finale of India’s only web-series to have a date in Season 2. Season 1 of Permanent Roommates began in October 2014, telling the story of a couple living together before getting married. Season 2 featured an expanded star cast, with Asrani, Shiba Chaddha, Ayesha Raza and Darshan Jariwala. Launched on Valentine’s Day 2016, Permanent Roommates Season 2, driven by OLA, dealt with an even more mature theme: pre-marital pregnancy – as Tankesh geared up to get married.  
​​Arunabh Kumar, CEO and Founder of TVF saysThe 1st Web Series Created in India, is reaching a curtain call for its 2nd season & also has a record of being the 1st Web Series with its 2nd Season. It gives us immense sadness and pleasure to see the story of Mikesh & Tanya come to this stage, but If It’s a Finale, doesn’t mean it has to be an end, right ( Wink Wink). They are the Internet’s most loved couple who have struck a chord with the young Indians and taught them to live life with a dash of “Coooool”. :D PR Season 2 with Ola has become a part of Pop Culture now, with all drivers being called “Ola Wale Bhaiya”. The journey has been one hell of a ride like the fun filled drives of Tankesh in Ola-Shabnam​.
Biswapati Sarkar, Creative Director, TVF and Writer, Permanent Roommates, added , The response we have received for the finale for Permanent Roommates Season 2 is astounding. It feels great to see audience connect so well with two seemingly normal characters set in a real world and appreciate the simplicity and innocence of the story. This has been a roller-coaster season for us, and handling the complex material of pre-marital pregnancy followed by a miscarriage has been emotionally exhausting. It will be interesting to see them in the next chapter of their lives, probably once they have moved past their misfortune and have just settled back to their normal lives. We have developed a character for the last 2 seasons without revealing him once, so he might play a big role next time”.
With over 50 million views across Season 1 & 2 ​Permanent Roommates has been at the forefront of the web-series revolution in India, along with TVF’s popular web series about start-ups in India, TVF​Pitchers.
Permanent Roommates

Radhika Apte, Neha Sharma and Manoj Bajpayee in Shirish Kunder's short film Kriti

The film stars talented actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte, Neha Sharma and Manu Rishi in the lead roles

22nd June 2016, Mumbai: After giving a phenomenal masterpiece of a performance in ‘Taandav’, the talented actor Manoj Bajpayee and the online portal Muvizz.com are back again with another interesting short film titled ‘Kriti’ written and directed by Shirish Kunder. The online platform Muvizz.com which showcases niche shorts, documentaries and feature films, recently released the short film ‘Kriti’ at a plush viewing theatre in Mumbai. The famous and critically acclaimed director, Shirish Kunder foryes into short films through “Kriti” which features talented actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma in the lead.
The grand affair was attended by the popular actress Kangana Ranaut who was the guest of honour and was there to support the cast and crew of the film. Shirish Kunder’s wife Farah Khan also marked her presence in showing support for her loving husband. The premiere of the short film was concluded by media interactions of star cast and directors followed by some hearty conversation with the audience.
‘Kriti’ is a suspense thriller that revolves around a character, Sapan, who is dealing with a psychological disorder and the series of events that leads to an exciting and nerve-wracking climax. This 18 minute thriller- fiction has many twists and turns to the plots, that kept viewers at the edge of their seats till the very end. With Kriti, Manoj adds another feather to his cap, with his versatile acting skills in the film. Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma have also played critical roles in the film with mysterious characters that compliment the central plot of the film aptly.

Read the full story at: www.filmytown.com

A Scandall – Hindi movie review

A small crew of four hoping to film paranormal activities going around Kuhu’s family very little do they know that their exploits will lead them into a quagmire of incest, sex and an unsolved murder mystery. 

What if a father who finds himself guilty for the death of his daughter, starts relating with her in day to day situations? Is he actually seeing her dead daughter or is it his way of dealing with his personal tragedy? What if a planchette session meant to invoke sprits brings out skeletons from past instead?
Its trailer is thrilling, promising and gripping be that as it may the feature film tends to stray at leisure pace several times.

21 June, 2016

Finding Dory – movie review

Rating: ***

An unforgettable journey she probably won’t remember

Finding Dory – movie review

A sequel to the 2003 film Finding Nemo, Finding Dory focuses on the amnesiac character Dory, and explores her journey to be reunited with her family.
Dory is a bright blue tang with a sunny personality and has severe memory issues (like Aamir Khan’s character in Ghajin), Dory only has short bursts of functionality before she forgets what she’s doing, and the next moment she wonders what she had just learned.
These memory lapses doesn’t upset her upbeat attitude until she realizes she is forgotten something big: her family.
Though she has found a new family in Marlin and Nemo, but is haunted by the belief that someone out there is looking for her.

20 June, 2016

Now You See Me 2 – movie review

Rating: ***

Review by Pawan Gupta

‘Now You See Me’ is part of famous phrase used by Magicians ” Now you see me, now you don’t” which came from the various magic tricks that they performed in which they used to make things disappear in thin air including themselves.
The title of the film was apt for the first installment of this franchise which was exciting, gripping and edge of the seat drama with the audience involved in what the magicians will do next.
This second installment lacks style and substance but is drunk on technology, and fancy sleight of hand techniques of the four horsemen (there is one change the lady horseman of the previous movie is replaced by another by the name of Lula-Lizzy Caplan in fine form) who are trying to learn each others tricks, there is little magic.
The movie starts with a background narrative by Morgan Freeman whose character Thaddeus Bradley was incarcerated in the end of the last movie and suggests getting even with the five as now he knows who their leader is.
The horsemen are restless to surface back and they get an opportunity in the launch of a Smart phone by the company called Octa which has developed a superchip which Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) learns will enable company to hijack all the data of all the users and upload into its own server and thus have a monopoly on everything from manipulation of the stock markets to control over military computers and he has also learned that the developer intends to sell that to the highest bidder.
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14 June, 2016

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani – movie review

Do Lafzon ki Kahani is a mushy romantic fairytale idea of love, about sacrifice and depicts suffering for the sake of one’s beloved. It begins well yet it has flashes of the cinema of ‘90s
A romantic drama directed by Deepak Tijori is a remake of the 2011 Korean movie ‘Always’. Do Lafzon Ki Kahani features Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles.
A gifted actor that he is Randeep Hooda comes up with yet another powerful performance. He is equally balanced by Kajal Aggarwal’s acting as a girl who has lost her vision in an accident where she loses her parents. Jenny has an inclination towards Indian culture so much so that she is is obsessed with the regular ‘saas bahu’ type serials.
Suraj (Randeep Hooda) is a part-time boxer in Malaysia. Jenny (Aggarwal) is a blind girl, on meeting whom Suraj falls in love with. When he comes to know that the reason for her blindness in he himself, he decides to have her operated.

11 June, 2016

Dharmendra launches Parwaz Media Group’s entry into Bollywood

Launch & Announcement by Parwaz Media Group with association of T.S. Group of their Ventures in the auspicious presence of Chief Guest- Dharmendraji
Parwaz Media Group in association with the T. S. Group launched ‘Mumbai Mood’ an English weekly Bollywood Magazine, primarily aiming to provide actual and correct information about the latest developments in film industry to the people in general and particularly to the movie lovers.
Highlight of the event was the Grand Opening Ceremony of T.S. Music Pvt. Ltd The T. S. Music Company which is entering the city of Mumbai, hub of film industry of India, to create a revolution in the music industry.
The group will also be announcing The Rising Again & New Freshness of Chardikla Time TV (24 hours Satellite Channel) that is already a big name in North India – Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.
Parwaz Media Group is entering Maharashtra with a big bang by introducing Parwaz Express, a new Edition that will Start from Mumbai Hindi weekly Newspaper) that is already being published from Delhi.
The Parwaz Express gives coverage to all kinds of national and international developments. Having already an established name in North India the National Capital, it is coming to Maharashtra with a big hammer of professional talent.
Harry Varma, Casting Director, Ashvini Kasar, Akshar Kothari and Ramakant Munde
Flying Soon in the airs of Mumbai will be “Mumbai Mood”, (24 hours infotainment channel) managed by Kitab Broadcasting Services Pvt. Ltd to telecast the current latest fashion trends, Bollywood Gossips, Mumbai Mood, and is expected to give the audience everything from ups and downs in the Filmy Town of Mumbai, to a sneak-peak in the lives of your favorite celebrities’, movie reviews from our esteemed critics and also news from bollywood & other industries relating to Bollywood.
The channel’s priority will be to break the stories ahead of other channels.
They had a gala launch this week at Sun N Sand Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, which apart from the veteran Dharmendra, was attended by who’s who of the filmy town.
The event was managed by Ramakant Munde of Munde Media.

08 June, 2016

All you want to know about Shahid and his Tattoos from Udta Punjab!

Shahid has gone beyond the usual to look like Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab. The actor has personally given inputs and has worked extensively on his look with the stylists and Abhishek Chaubey.

Infact, for the first time we would witness the actor don tattoo for his role, Shahid’s first look that shows several tatoos on his body has an interesting story behind it. Shahid who was on a low carb diet went through hours  to put and remove 40 odd tattoos daily for Tommy Singh!!
It was a tedious process of donning 40 such odd tattoos and then removing them before every shot….however Shahid made sure that nothing was a miss! The actor has also given inputs when the look was being finalised, sitting with the stylist team and director Abhishek Chaubey, Shahid has spent hours to get the perfect feel of a punjabi rockstar!
Shahid as an actor uses his physical transformation to talk about the character. Whether it’s his lean body or tattoo or the way he walks / conducts himself they are all subtlety creating nuances of a character.

07 June, 2016

Housefull 3 is Akshay Kumar’s biggest opening ever

Eros International, India’s leading global company in the Indian film industry announced the record breaking success of one of the biggest franchises, Housefull 3 at the box office. The film has collected over Rs. 100.03 crores (USD 15 million) across the globe in the opening weekend with Rs. 73.02 crores gross (Rs. 53.31 crores Net box Office) in India and Rs. 27.01 crores overseas. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala & Eros International and directed by Farhad-Sajid, the film starring Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan opened worldwide on 3rd June 2016.

One of the most anticipated films of the year, Housefull 3 set the cash registers ringing with the release day (Friday) collecting over ₹ 15.21 crores in India and continued to witness the upward trend on Saturday with ₹ 16.30 crores. Courtesy a blockbuster Sunday, the film saw an unprecedented response raking in ₹ 21.80 crores, taking the total weekend net to Rs. 53.31 crores.

The film opened to an impressive start in the overseas markets as well with phenomenal collections in the US and Canada with USD 700000 plus in 3 daysThe film collected approximately F$141,000 in Fiji in 4 days, creating a new record to become the highest ever Bollywood grosser in the country, beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s collections of F$125,000.

Commenting on the film’s success, Nandu Ahuja, Sr. VP, India TheatricalEros International Media Ltd said, “We are elated with the response Housefull 3 has garnered across India. The film is a complete laugh riot, a family entertainer that has appealed to audiences of all age brackets and the weekend box office collections are a testimony to that. This marks the return of comedy and the film has lived up to the huge hype and expectations from the successful franchise”.

06 June, 2016

India Kids Fashion Week 2016 concludes on a stellar note in Mumbai

Over 800 kids graced the fashion show along with 23 brands and designers that made
the Mumbai edition a huge success!

Mumbai, June 5, 2016: 

The Mumbai edition of India Kids Fashion Week (IKFW) 2016 concluded on a spectacular note with refreshing styles and new trends making a grand entry in the kids fashion week. Brands and designers left no stone unturned to amaze the audiences with the finest collections for kids dominating the ramp this season. The fashion extravaganza saw over 20 brands and ace designers display ravishing collections for the little ones. The mini divas stole the hearts of the audiences in their vibrant attires and cute looks all throughout the three-day event.

Day 3 of the event saw brands Abhipri-The Jodhpur Paridhan, Sugar Candy, Moriko Organic, Pink Cow, BIBA, Era, OKS BOYS and designer Archana Kochhar showcase their collections. It was ace designer Archana Kochhar who ruled the roost on the finale with her stunning collections. She not only set the ramp ablaze with her new kids’ line, but also concluded the show with dance, music and fashion. Children performed ballet and hip-hop while walking the ramp and rocked ’n’ rolled on the runway sporting the trendiest collections crafted by Archana. The designer took inspiration from everything that kids love and her collections were created keeping kids comfort in mind. Crooning and shaking his leg to the popular number Jumme ki raat hai.., singer Mika Singh enthralled the crowd. He thanked everyone present at the show and addressed himself as a bad boy with a good heart. In his all-black get up, Mika walked in style as the showstopper for the Next-gen boy’s collection, ‘Archana Kochhar for Copperstone’. Her daughter Simran fondly known as “Noni” assisted her for the flower girl collection, ‘Noni by Archana Kochhar’. The last couture round had super models such as  Alecia and Anjali Raut, Pooja Bamrah, Gale, Dyananda, Sushri, Karishma Modi and Amruta Patki sashaying down the ramp showcasing pretty cocktail lehenga sarees, sari gowns,  crop tops and skirts with their little counterparts in corresponding outfits.  Pretty belle Daisy Shah scorched the ramp in an intricately designed anarkali that oozed elegance.

The last day of the IKFW 2016 Mumbai event began in a royal way with the collections put forth by Abhipri-The Jodhpur Paridhan. They were a perfect amalgamation of contemporary and vintage designs that stood true to the culture of Jodhpur. Raziya Sultan fame Pankhuri Awasthy dazzled the ramp as the showstopper in an ethnic Rajwadi suit. Kids looked resplendent in their jodhpuri suits and Rajwadi royals that were inspired by the rich culture of Jodhpur city.

Traditional yet vivid designs made a striking statement as the kids gracefully walked the ramp for apparel wear SugarCandy. And it was none other than popular designer Archana Kochhar, who descended on the ramp in a stylish outfit as the showstopper for Seema Khandelwal.

Read more BOLLYWOOD news at FILMY TOWN - www.filmytown.com

Young fashionista Shruti Dharwadkar promoted sustainable clothing through her label Moriko Organic’s latest collection, ‘The Yellow Brick Road’. The show started high on cute quotient and the sunny yellow prints popped up all over the place. The inspiration behind her collection was L Frank Baum’s classic American story, The Wizard of Oz. The live band performance in collaboration with True School of Music added some drama to the show.

The world of fairy tales was resonated for the little kids by the apparel brand Pink Cow. The collection featured vintage-style dresses for kids that stood out for its own unique sense of style and fashion.  Gorgeous beauties Piaa Bajpai, Simple Kaul and Sandeepa Dhar looked just like decked-up dolls in their long and flowing gowns.
Leading brand BIBA unveiled the Spring Summer 2016 collection for kids at the fashion week. The collection included interesting mix of long, multilayered silhouettes in varied prints and soft pastels. Little girls looked ethereal in the BIBA outfits as they walked the ramp with élan and posed for the shutterbugs. A lot of shibori, embroidery and traditional weaves were used in crafting the kids wear. B’town newbie Madhurima Tuli sizzled down the ramp in off-white printed BIBA anarkali teamed with heels and minimal accessories.
The most colourful and vibrant collections were showcased by apparel brand Era. Kids walked the ramp in a riot of colours fascinating the audiences. Elegant and modern, liberating and comfy, the collection showcased by Era exuded sophistication and elegance. The designers chose a sober look for Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan who graced the ramp as the showstopper in a silk kurta pyjama with dupatta.

The most entertaining show was put up by O’KS. With high octane beats in the background and the cool dudes in their trendiest avatars danced their way across the ramp. From printed and trendy waistcoats, denims and casual outfits, these little models rocked the stage with their uber cool performances. Actor Harshavardhan Rane sported cropped pants and slim blazer and was in his fashionable best as the showstopper for O’KS BOYS.

Mr. Manoj Mahla, Director, Craftworld Events said, “The Mumbai edition was a grand success and I want to thank all our partners, brands, designers and especially the juniors and their parents for making it to India Kids Fashion Week. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to put forth an outstanding three-day fashion extravaganza. We’ve seen the launch of some avant garde collections that will surely be a success with buyers. The designers and brands put in a lot of thought in each outfit to make it perfect for the little ones.”

Speaking on the event Mr. Deepak Choudhary, Director & CEOEvent Capital, said, “IKFW has always received support from leading designers and top brands. Several new brands and emerging designers were able to display their collections and make their presence felt in the kidswear space. I am glad we were able to provide a platform for buyers to connect with the right designers and brands. We are looking forward to our Delhi edition”
The show doesn’t end here. Next, India Kids Fashion Week 2016 will be held in Delhi from June 17 to 19.

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05 June, 2016

Sangeita Chauhaan’s Bollywood debut with Luv U Alia

The lead actress of Luv U AliaSangeita Chauhaan  has been a contestant of Miss India 2008, reached Top 5 and was also awarded the title for Miss Beautiful Smile.

This sweetie-smiley girl has modelled for several products, taken part in Ramp Walk and appeared in good number of commercials. Born and brought up in Gujarat. She is a Rajput and wanted to become an actor since her childhood. I must be something around 6-7 years old.

Sangeita was a shy and an introvert school kid. I remember when my teacher had selected me for the school drama. I was very low on confidence. I was a sportsperson in school. Have graduated in Commerce.

Sangeita Chauhaan speaks exclusively to FILMY TOWN

Tell us what is Luv U Alia about.
Alia is the daughter of separated parents and having seen turbulent times in the family, she is totally disillusioned with the institution of marriage. Reluctant to tie the knot, it is then circumstances which unfold realization on her.

What is your role in the film?
I get to play the central role and feel blessed having this opportunity. She is a simple girl, contemperory person, working too and appears like a girl next door.
She falls into a relationship and that is when complications occur in her life.

- Read the full interview at: http://www.filmytown.com/sangeita-chauhaan-debut-love-u-alia/#sthash.fkzBx1Ad.dpuf

Song Launch of film Raman Raghav2.0

Qatl-e-Aam song from Raman Raghav 2.0 was launched on Friday 

Nawanuddin Siddiqui, Sobhita Dhilipala and Vicky Kaushal at the song launch

The new song that was launched by the makers is as gritty and grippy as the previous content of the film. Singer Sona Mohapatra has sung the song that sets the tone of the film further.

Sona even gave a mini live performance of the song and had the entire cast shake a leg on it. 

One should surely look forward for Raman Raghav 2.0, not only for Anurag's directorial prowess but also for the fact that it has strong performance oriented actors like Nawazudin Siddique and Vicky Kaushal.

Present were : Anurag Kashyap, Ram Sampath, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vicky Kaushal, Sobhita Dhulipala, Sona Mohapatra, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane and Madhu Mantena.

Reliance Entertainment presents, a Phantom Films production Raman Raghav 2.0 all set to hit theaters on 24th June 2016



Marketed by Richboyz Entertainment 
Mumbai dwellers get set for the gastronomy voyage and experience the best in different cuisines at “R- ADDA” Roof top hideout bar- 6th Floor, Ramee Guestline, Juhu, Mumbai.

After a grand success of “Ruka”- Nihit Srivastava, Director Operation & Business Development Ramee Hotels & Ronak Rawal-Director are all set to launch an all new lounge and bar “R- ADDA”

3rd June, 2016 in Mumbai- For the party enthusiasts of Mumbai, “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar is the latest foray into the world of lounges and bars. The impeccable launch of “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar  saw the very fashionable domiciles of Mumbai and amongst those some of the regular faces of the social circuit  Mahhi Vij, Meet Brothers- Manmeet Singh & Harmeet Singh, Smriti Khanna, Prashant Virendra Sharma , Aditya Narayan, Additi Gupta, Sara Khan, Ejaz Khan, Tia Bajpai, Natasha Mohan, Madhura Naik, Rakesh Paul, Rahul Mahajan, Jay Soni, Srishty Rode, Abhijeet Sawant, Nandish Sandhu, Dj Akhtar, Arjun Bijlani, Sahil Anand, Karan Tacker, Ken Ghosh,  Karim Morani, Mohammad Morani, Lucky Morani, Karan Patel, Rajeev Paul , Sandhya Shetty, Shweta Khanduri, Aneel Murarka, DJ Sheizwood, Ekta Ajay Kapoor, Jyoti Saxena, Avesh Dadlani, Ramji Gulati, Aditya Singh Rajput, Champak Jain, Aziz Zee, UmeshPherwani, Ajaz Khan, Roman Sen, Ashish Roy, Pinky Asnani PAM, Suresh Thomas, Gautam Arora, Shweta Arora, Shefali Zariwala,  were witnessed grooving to great music & having a smashing time.

 “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar can be an isolated & hibernating paradise for the entire social bracket. Designed to exude vibrance, “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar is located at the central hub of Mumbai (Juhu) perched at Hotel Ramee Guestline & offers its guest a panoramic menu with exotic cocktails. Unwind with your crime partners & gang of sapiens with our special curated playlist. “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar offers varied , thematic menus through the year drawing seasonal and global trends of cocktail & tapas at reasonable amount .

The place boasts of a brilliant kitchen with an exhaustive menu of different cuisine delights set to a plush two level environment that reverberates live music. It promises to transport gourmands as a mid night party spot from 7:00 pm till 3:00 am and a captivating experience for the connoisseur, serving eclectic Indian street food, Fusion cuisines, different brands of liquor in all shapes and sizes at inexpensive rates specially curated menu to indulge in gastronomical delights.

“R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar will have the best of National & International Djs performing live to make the crowd groove to the tunes of EDM, House, BDM and many more. Come at night and the venue transforms into a hip nightclub as the elevated decibels of music and an extensive bar menu lead Mumbai’s crème-de-la-crème & the fashionable circle into the night.

That’s not it! Delicious bubblies, a breathtaking view, and an expansive rooftop- “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar will host Sunday Sundowners. The state-of-the-art décor and contemporary ambience at the city’s newly opened rooftop bar will play background to the luxury experience. Minimal glass walls framed the golden cityscape, which will become quite a breezy and break-taking precipice for stargazing. 

“R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar is synonymous with urban lifestyle. “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar has deeply looked into every aspect of space planning, presentation etc. while designing the lounge and bar. The interiors make comprehensive use of design innovation combined with the principles of flawless service circulation, strategic location placement and planning. The interiors have raised the bar to create benchmarks in higher levels of comfort, privacy and lighting.

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Based in Juhu, the place is blessed with a brilliant ambiance and décor.  The place is touted to be patronized by the city’s elite bunch. The food served at “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar is equally sinful. If you are a part of the town and would like to experiment with food and booze then “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar is worth a dekho. 

Ronak Rawal, Director “R- ADDA” Roof top Hideout Bar mentions “In the last few years, a number of lounges and bars have contributed to raising the city's spirits, but R- ADDA Roof top Kitchen N Bar promises to be the very first one of its kind to take the stature of bars and lounges a notch higher at affordable rates without comprising on the quality. 

Nihit Srivastava, Director Operation & Business Development of Ramee Group of Hotels (INDIA) says "We assure that R- ADDA Roof top Kitchen N Bar promises will be your best bet when you need to wind down after a long week! We believe that while the place will leave a pleasant and long lasting impression to all its visitors, it should also appeal to a broader canvas of customers ranging from the local to the international"

Gaurav Parikh, Director of Richboyz Entertainment indicates “R- ADDA " is a well define place what Mumbai was missing about, our main highlight is to genre all ages of crowd by our various components of generous themed nights. We have specially dilemma a wide range of thermal menu & global trends of spirits at reasonable amount. After travelling throughout the world we have personally placed everything what our vision could place into reality"

Get nestled with them as they offer something which their guest haven't even desire never before!!